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Medicine Scheduler

An easy way to keep track of your daily medicine

As per the WHO Report, 68% of patients are non compliant towards their dosage regimen, it means they do not take their medications as prescribed and needed to manage their disease. But, now with our medicine scheduler you don’t have to work about this.

Never forget your medicine now

We know how important your medication to you, and we try our best to help you remind your medication schedule time to time for your convenience. We treat you as a family, and this what family do: ‘Caring beyond Prescription’

Instant Alert

The Rxmedikart, auto-triggers notifications or reminders to the nominated personnel for taking their medicines. It also sends the status report to the user about their adherence.

Pill Buddy

Through this feature, your any near and dear one who is added as your pill buddy gets the notification about your medication schedule and you be will be updated as soon as you missed your medical adherence. After all, every family needs someone to remember the medication schedule.


This amazing feature provides detailed reports, charts and statistics to share with the supervising physician for better understanding and knowledge.

Family to US

We believe in taking care and understand how important your family is, to you especially your kids. Being kids, its’ nearly impossible for them to take care of their medical adherence but Rxmedikart is taking care of them by enabling you to monitor your family and kids medical adherence and also to ensure their wellness.

Even On-The-Go: Easy to Access

The medicine scheduler is built for the mobile as well as for the remote access. You don’t need to rush to your desktop to check reminder when you are on-the- go, the same case is for the mobile as well if your mobile isn’t with you can get notified even on the desktop too. The access to reports and dosage is quite simple and easy to adapt.

Serving you free

We know how much you trust us for your family health and wellness. Medicine scheduler is 100% to use and we don’t charge a single penny to remind you about your loved one’s wellness.

Screenshots of your Medicine scheduler

An easy way to keep track of your daily medicine.

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An easy way to keep track of your daily medicine