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Aqua Meter

Tracking your body water and helping you stay hydrated

We all are well aware with the importance of water in our life. It works as nectar for our health. Keeping this in mind, RxmediKart provides you a unique feature i.e. AQUA METER.

Set Your Daily Goal With Aqua Meter

In today’s hectic life, it becomes very hard to remember your daily water intake and as it is said water deficiency can lead to some dangerous health issues, Aqua Meter is here to help you for your daily water intake. With the Aqua Meter you can set your daily water consumption goal and can easily manage your water intake, as it keeps remind you about your daily goals.

User Friendly Design:

Without making it complicated for the user, the Aqua meter is designed to suit all the users. This feature provides an engaging display of the vessels and quantity for consumption.


Aqua Meter works in a real interactive way as it suggests your water intake per day based on your provided body weight and height values. It auto- calculates your water consumption and suggests an approximate level of your daily water requirement.

Hydration Status

As it keeps record of your daily water requirement as well as your consumed water quantity, it becomes easy to monitor your weekly or monthly hydration status with the report generated by the Aqua Meter.

Serving you free

We know how important water is for your health, and to us are the most important. So, keeping your health and wellness in mind, Aqua Meter will always be at your service, free of any cost and always happy to help you to manage and remember your daily water intake.

Screenshots of your Aqua Meter

An easy way to keep track of your daily medicine.

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An easy way to keep track of your daily medicine