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B.P. Meter

Helping you Control your blood pressure

In today’s fast paced world, when everything is moving with such a great pace, you actually don’t have time to monitor your health completely. You are so busy in your daily chaos. Keeping this thing in mind, Rxmedikart introduced the blood pressure meter, which will help you in monitoring your blood pressure.

Time & life Saver

The idea behind the Blood pressure meter is to save your time as well as to help you to keep an eye on your blood pressure. Now, monitoring your blood pressure is just a click away affair and it’s quite easy too.

Easy to Access

The B.P meter is user friendly and is packed with intuitive design and features to monitor the blood pressure regularly in order to keep you stay fit.

International Standard

The B.P meter is designed keeping the international standard in mind. So, that you can easily counter check any standard. It provides the complete analysis about the recorded readings.


The B.P meter is loaded with the feature of supervision. It provides detailed reports, charts and statistics to share with the supervising physician.

Gestational Hypertension

We understand that it is very important for expected mothers to monitor their gestational blood pressure levels regularly and report the doctor about the recorded reading. Hence, it is designed to deliver the necessities. The B.P meter helps the expecting mothers to monitor & track their blood pressure levels on daily basis and provide detailed analytical report for self as well as for doctor supervision.

Free Service

As we serve you beyond the prescription it becomes our duly to take care of your wellness and health completely. The B.P monitor is a free feature of Rxmedikart which is always available in your service.

Screenshots of your BP Meter

An easy way to keep track of your daily medicine.

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An easy way to keep track of your daily medicine