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Track your glucose level easily.

mGlucometer provides you the facility to keep an eye on your glucose level on regular basis.Because it’s important to you, eventually, it’s important to Us: The human body requires glucose for some of its most important functions. This simple sugar provides the energy needed to perform specialized processes such as digestion and cellular respiration. Problems with the amount of glucose in the blood result in serious complications that could lead to coma or even death if not corrected quickly.

Diabetes Mate

mGlucometer can be treated as your own diabetes mate as you can check your sugar level easily with this amazing tool and it tracks almost all aspects of diabetes.

Easy To Access

mGlucometer is designed in a user friendly way so that you don’t need to put much effort in checking your glucose level as life is already too hectic. We only want your few minutes from your busy schedule to keep you updated on your glucose level.


Through RxmediKart, you can easily forward your diabetes report to your doctor and follow their supervision instantly as mGlucometer provides detailed reports, charts and statistics to share with the supervising physician.

Gestational Diabetes

We understand that it is very important for pregnant ladies to monitor their gestational blood glucose levels regularly and the need to report to doctor, hence mGlucometer is designed to deliver the necessities. This App helps expecting mothers to monitor & track their blood glucose levels daily and provide detailed analytical report for self and doctor consumption.

Serving you without any cost

The best service one can offer is ‘Serving the Mankind’. mGlucometer is free of any cost and deliver the authentic proven results.

Screenshots of your mGlucometer

An easy way to keep track of your daily medicine.

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An easy way to keep track of your daily medicine