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Diabetes insipidus Report an error in disease page


Diabetest insipidus is a condition wherein a patient losses a lot of water through the diluted urine. It cause severe dehydration and a patient may feel the urge to drink lots of water due to the very large volume of liquid that is urinated. This disease is rare and may occur in young children.


Diagnostic test to determine the level of blood glucose, calcium, and bicarbonate to distiguish DI from other diseases that also cause excess urination.

Symptoms and Signs

Frequent urination with very large volume of urine consist of almost water is the primary symptom to watch for. Children with this disease is likely to be irritable and may develop fever due to severe dehydration. Vomitting or diarrhea also are symptoms of this disease.


Diabetes insipidus or DI is commonly caused by a certain hormone deficiency known as antidiuretic hormone or ADH which is responsible for the regulation of concentrated urine. It can also be caused by the kidney's insensitivity to ADH.


DI can be treated with a certain drug than can be taken orally or through the nasal cavity, this drug is called desmopressin which is a diuretic drug that is commonly prescribed by physicians to treat bedwetting or control urination especially when the patient is asleep.

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