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Product Description ARTHRELLA tablet is a “Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug”. Suvarna Paan has immunomodulatory property and has a disease modifying anti-arthritic role. Boswellia serrata and Vitex negundo, the main ingredients of ARTHRELLA tablet, are powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesics. Ricinus communis increases bone regeneration. Oroxylum indicum, Cyperus rotundus, Zingiber officinale, are potent anti-oxidants and thereby exhibit anti-inflammatory effect. Strychnos nuxvomica and Hyoscyamus niger have sedative and analgesic activities. The ingredients of ARTHRELLA improve the subjective and objective parameters of the disease from malaise and fatigue to painful, swollen joints; from morning stiffness to loss of grip strength. It not only relieves pain and inflammation of involved joints, but also aims at salvaging the unaffected joints with arthroprotective medication. Thus, ARTHRELLA is a comprehensive anti-arthritic and remission inducer.
Indication Minimizes joint stiffness and swelling Maximizes joint function Improves quality of life Retards joints destruction; prevents joint deformity Can be used as monotherapy or as an adjunct to simple analgesics Induces remission Can be used as a complem
Composition Suvarna Paan – Immunomodulatory, anti-arthritic Erand Tel – Exerts immunomodualtory effect, increases bone regeneration Shallaki Guggul Extract, Nirgundi – Anti-inflammatory, analgesics Shyonak, Nagarmotha, Shunthi – Anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory effect Shuddha Kupilu, Khurasani ajawayan – Sedative and analgesic.
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